Information about the Exchange Trip to Germany

LOGO updated 2015

Suggested Clothing List for students going to Germany

  • very good shoes or boots (thick rubber sole with profile for grip)
  • jacket or coat (waterproof preferred but not essential)
  • thick warm socks (perhaps 5 pairs)
  • long- or short-sleeved cotton t-shirts (4-5)
  • light woollen jumper or fleece (3) N.B. bulky, heavy jumpers are not useful, you need layers.
  • warm scarf
  • gloves
  • jeans or casual pants (2 pairs)
  • pants (one smart pair – for special occasions such as Christmas) or skirt
  • (good) shirts (2)
  • tights (to wear under jeans) – not just for the girls!
  • Or thermal underwear (only if you already have some – probably will not be needed)


SAGSE jersey must be worn or tied around your waist while travelling to Germany and returning and on the bus tour.

It is wise to pack a minor change of clothing in your hand luggage. You might spill or lose something during your plane trip.

Remember students do not wear a school uniform in Germany. You can wear jeans etc. to school.

Leave wearing light clothing; however, bring your coat or jacket and a jumper in your hand luggage so that you can get changed when you arrive in Germany. Remember this in reverse for your return trip.



Coach tour

 7 days, 6 nights

Included are:

–          Pick-up from Frankfurt

–          400km free of charge on location

–          Road and parking fees

–          6 nights in accommodation as per below program

–          Breakfast, lunch and dinner included everywhere, except for Nuremberg (breakfast and lunch only)

–          2 teachers and 2 male students in double rooms

–          Bed linen and towels at all accommodations

Program of coach tour:

Nuremberg  –  1 night at the youth hostel

Salzburg  –  2 nights at the “Junges Hotel Eduard-Heinrich-Haus”, Salzwelten Hallein, 1.5 hour guided city tour, Original Sound of Music Tour

Munich  –  2 nights at the A&O Muenchen Hackerbruecke, 2 hour city tour by bus, guided tour of the Concentration Camp Dachau, Schloss Neuschwanstein (as usual, the fee of EUR0.90 per person has to be paid on location)

Rothenburg o.d.T.  –  1 night at the youth hostel, Nightwatchmantour

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